Company «SVOD-PROJECT» was created in 2009 by qualified engineers-radioelectronic constructors in Ukraine on the basis of a service center for repair laptops. In parallel, the company accepted orders on designing and of engineering inventions, so, for example, we developed scrolling on the scoreboard in the Airport, system for vote of more than 120 people, created protect modules for sewing machines and more. Over time, we have thought up the idea of ​​creating the first product for use in our work. So, our first post card Compal was born in 2009, which was originally created for friends, not for sale. Then our friends led us to the creation of new products, so in 2010 we created the post card Asus, in 2011 - Universal post card lpc + compal, and in 2012 - Samsung. At the same time, our company has decided not to stop and in 2013 we created our SVODprogrammer, in 2014 was released the Keyboard module to it, and in 2015 - Extended board. In parallel, our engineers - programmers have created the opportunity to work with multicontroller ITE, ENE, MEC, and in 2016 in the world – only our SVODprogrammer began to work with NUVOTON in ISP mode through the keyboard connector. During the existence of the company, our products have been sold in more than 40 countries around the world. We are improving our SVODprogrammer constantly releasing free and paid updates.

    Our company are developing constantly and in 2016 opened the second manufacturing in Slovak Republic. So, 2016 was fruitful for the company have been created: Debug LQFP ENE / NUVOTON, Debug LQFP ITE, ZIF TQFP, support of multicontroller Nuvoton was added in SVODprogrammer, a new post card Compal NGFF M.2.

    During the work our company has already established itself as a reliable partner, we care about the quality of our products. Of course we still have a lot of ideas that we strive to bring to life, thanks to your support!